oakland, ca 

district development 

status: entitlements 

This project is comprised of a 33 story high-rise tower sitting atop a 4 and 5 story podium building spanning 3 blocks along Broadway Ave. and 19th Street. This project removes a dilapidated 1 story retail building, vacant surface parking lot and re-conditions the existing historic building at the corner of 19th and Broadway. The existing 4 story building establishes the height of the podium as well as sets the tone for the materials and window proportions of the new podium.  

The new building is planned to be constructed of a 2-way concrete structural frame and clad in precast concrete, glass window walls, metal panel and brick. The massing of the tower is articulated as 4 smaller elements which helps to break down it's scale. When viewed along Broadway, half of the tower is articulated with precast concrete "punched" openings that relate to many surrounding buildings in the neighborhood. The other half of the tower along Broadway is clad in a floor to ceiling glass window wall system with integrated vertical sunshades providing a dramatic face to the building marking it as an important contribution along Broadway and enhancing the city's skyline. Where the base of the tower and top of the podium meet is an expansive open space amenity deck which includes a grass meadow, native oak trees and pool deck with views out to the bay. The base of the podium is punctuated with lively retail and resident lobby space including an outdoor dining courtyard which helps to activate the street and participate in the vitality of the neighborhood and the life of the downtown as a whole. 


no positions currently available 

there are currently no available positions in our studio but we're always on the lookout for good people. if you would like to be considered for a position in the future please submit your resume including work samples to : info@brick-llp.com